Operating a growing business can be both rewarding and exciting. It can also be challenging and at times, a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, there are numerous forms of technology available to help us run our businesses with greater ease and care, including advanced accounting software.


Sage software products offer a highly effective financial management system to help save you time and money. Sage products help you manage your finances with ease,efficiency, and accuracy.

They will:

  • Make bookkeeping processes more efficient
  • Allow you to view up to the minute information at any time, facilitating better decision making
  • Provide data about customers, vendors, orders, inventory, receivables, payables, payroll and the general ledger available virtually for any time period you desire
  • Help growing businesses monitor and connect with other company branches by consolidating financial information for one or several locations
  • Save you time by having all information in one central place. No more time wasted going back and forth between different software programs.


By upgrading your software to one of our easy to use Sage solutions you will immediately begin to see a difference in your financial management and your sanity.

Debby Beck, our certified consultant gladly helps new users install Sage Accpac and Spire. She also teaches our clients how to get the most out of these programs and guides them on how to use it specifically for their unique business.

If you`re wondering if there`s a better way to manage your company finances, there is and we are happy to provide you with it!

Sage 300 (Formerly Sage Accpac)

Whether your growth plans include buying and selling in the global marketplace, adding more talent to your team, or expanding your services, Sage Accpac ERP, part of the Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite, has the tools and the flexibility to successfully accelerate your business expansion. Supporting different languages and multicurrency transactions, our network of partners in more than 150 countries allows you to confidently conduct business with suppliers and customers anywhere in the world.

From single-user remote locations to large corporate environments with multiple locations and demanding business management needs, no other product scales like Sage Accpac ERP. With Sage Accpac, you can upgrade smoothly from one version to the next as your business requirements expand, safe in the knowledge that your data will easily move with you.

All Sage Accpac products have a uniform user interface, making it easy to upgrade without costly staff retraining or data conversion. Sage Accpac also enables data processing across multiple servers, so as your number of users increases, multiple servers can share the processing workload.

Sage Accpac ERP is easy to set up and use, with intuitive wizards and a familiar interface that makes configuration and navigation a breeze. Embedded Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) lets you easily expand, customize, and integrate your Sage Accpac application.

Sage 50 (Formerly Simply Accounting)

Sage 50 helps small businesses run more efficiently and professionally. Sage 50 handles payroll, tracks inventory, manages to budget, and generates reports in seconds. It tracks revenue and expenses, prepares invoices, pays bills, and calculates GST/HST and PST/QST. It’s simple to set up by answering a few quick questions. Take pride in creating high-quality invoices, business reports, and graphs. Ensure accounting integrity through a full audit trail. Developed in Canada, Sage 50 saves you time and money by helping you perform accounting tasks and analyze your business data for better-informed decisions.

Target Market

You are a Sage 50 customer if you are small business owners or operator who needs to move to a true accounting software package from either the pen and paper method or a spreadsheet program. You may require payroll functionality and want to streamline your business operations by performing accounting tasks more efficiently, therefore taking less time. You also want to have greater confidence in your accounting functions. ?If you are looking for simplicity and user-friendliness in your accounting software, then Sage 50 is an ideal fit for your small business.

Spire Software

Spire is a business management solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Our software is developed with an intuitive interface and a robust database that uses modern technology for efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. With Spire, organizations gain a competitive advantage with greater visibility and control of business operations.

Start experiencing the benefits of a business management software designed to meet your business needs.

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Profitability – Having all the information allows you to make better decisions that help drive profitable growth. Spire provides valuable data and insight into your business operations in one system so you no longer need to waste time compiling data from multiple sources. With this information, you can determine where you can make cost reductions and improve profitability.

Customer Demand – Customer satisfaction is important for growing your business. By optimizing inventory levels and reducing shortages, Spire will help you deliver on time, every time. Have confidence in knowing that you can gain the trust of your customers and meet their expectations.

Efficiency – Improving operational efficiency leads to increased productivity. Spire helps automate and streamline business processes and eliminates manual workflow. As a result, your organization can expand at a quicker pace without the need to hire more employees.